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El Sol Quilting Studio
Mary Vaneecke, Proprietor
2000 S Hermosa
Tucson, AZ 85713

HOURS BY APPOINTMENT  Call [520] 444-7149

My quilt Homage won this award from the American Quilter's Society in 2012.

My quilt Homage won this award from the American Quilter’s Society in 2010.


El Sol Quilting Studio is my full-time, professional, award-winning quilting service. I enjoy collaborating with each quiltmaker to find that special design to highlight all the best aspects of your quilt top. Quilt designs are either quilted on a computerized machine (allover/’panto’ designs) or are hand-guided (custom work).

The studio is a pet-free, smoke-free environment located on the west side of Tucson, Arizona. Studio hours are by appointment. I can arrange to deliver your quilted top to you at a local Tucson quilt shop, but prefer to take in quilts by mail or in person. This gives you the opportunity to choose from an extensive collection of design possibilities and thread options.

I take the greatest care in storing, quilting, and shipping your quilt. While at the studio, your quilt is fully insured for the value of the materials (fabric, backing, batting). Quilt tops by smokers are stored separately from other quilts.

How I Work

If your quilt top arrives at the studio flat and square, El Sol guarantees there will be no pleats or puckers in the finished product (top or back) and that your quilt will be flat and square. If your quilt top is not perfectly flat and square to begin with, don’t worry! We will offer some options to make it the best quilt it can be.   Both of our longarm machines have stitch regulators, and we will sew invisible starts and stops into your quilt.


El Sol will use the best thread for your quilt and offer a wide selection of solids, variegated, cotton and polyester threads.  Whether you want a vintage, antique look, or have a bright, contemporary quilt style in mind, we have the right thread for your quilt.


I offer a variety of batting to provide just the right look for your quilt, but you are welcome to bring the batting of your choice with your quilt top.

  • Linda Taylor’s Choice–a dense, flat, 100% cotton batting with little loft.  Designed for show use, this batting shrinks up when washed for that desirable, antique puckered look.  It is heavier weight than most cotton battings on the market, and is a pricier option.
  • Hobbs 80/20–80% cotton, 20% polyester, this very durable batting has an easier drape, a 1/8th” loft, yet just enough polyester to fill in the fabric.  It is lighter weight for those king size quilts and bedspreads.
  • Hi-loft polyester–For those who want a thick, fluffy quilt, or need some loft to fill out an area of imperfect piecing, this is a great choice.


El Sol will mark your quilt top as little as necessary and return your quilt unmarked whenever possible. This allows you to avoid washing your quilt until you want to. Marking options include: chalk, soap, air soluble markers (all removed in our studio) and pencil and washable pens (removed in your washing machine).


Our ‘No Surprises’ policy:  When you leave your quilt top at El Sol Quilting, you will take away a worksheet with the complete pricing information, the thread and quilt designs you chose for your quilt, and the date we expect to have your quilt ready.  If our plan changes, we will let you know!

Prices are subject to change. Other charges may apply. Additional services are available.

Simple Allover Quilting  .02 per square inch

Ignores blocks & borders;  one design is sewn across the quilt top. From skateboards to circus elephants, from intricate geometric designs to elegant feathers, our digitized quilt patterns give you hundreds of options for the perfect design for your quilt.

 Specialty Quilting  .04+ per square inch

Includes hand-guided quilting in the center of a quilt, with a different border design.

Light Custom Quilting  .07 per square inch

With less complex block and border quilting designs.

Custom/Heirloom Quilting .09+ per square inch

Includes extra attention to details, dense designs, outlining, McTavishing, tight meandering, specially drafted designs, quilting for show.

Basting $40 and up

Border adjustments  Price set on a case-by-case basis

Pressing (as needed) $20 and up

Seaming $10 per seam

Minimum quilting charge $40

Binding – Machine apply to front, you do handwork  .12 per linear inch

Includes trimming quilt, and preparing fabric for binding

 Machine apply to front and hand stitch to back  .25 per linear inch

Includes trimming quilt, and preparing fabric for binding

Tips for Successful Quilting

  • There are several things you can do to make your quilt the best that it can be.
  • Press and square your quilt top and backing. Clip all stray threads.
  • Always trim the selvage from your fabric before piecing your top and backing. This will improve the appearance of the final quilt and prevent possible puckering after washing.
  • Your backing fabric MUST measure at least EIGHT INCHES larger than the top in width AND length.
  • Bed sheets are not ideal for quilt backs, as they wear differently from commercial cotton fabrics.  However, we are happy to use them if you wish.
  • If you choose a white-on-white backing, our needles may leave holes in the white paint where we have had to remove stitches.  These holes will not ‘heal’ like holes in fabric will.  If this will bother you, please consider using another backing.

Flat borders are easy to make!
Here are instructions to avoid ‘wavy borders’ on your quilts.

1.   Before adding borders to your quilt, measure the top, middle, and bottom along the length of the quilt top. Add these numbers and divide by three (i.e., 50 inches + 51 inches + 52 inches = 153 / 3 = 51″, the proper length for your top & bottom borders).

2.   Cut your borders to this length (51 inches) and sew them to your quilt top, pinning at each end of the border/quilt top and center of the border/quilt top, easing the fabric along the seam.

3.   Repeat for the side borders of your quilt top. Voila! Flat borders and a square quilt every time!

detail, 'Homage' This quilt was a winner of the 2010 Longarm Quilting Award for a Wall - Size Quilt at the American Quilters Society show in Paducah, KY.

detail, ‘Homage’    This quilt was a winner of the 2010 Longarm Quilting Award for a Wall – Size Quilt at the American Quilters Society show in Paducah, KY.

Artists & Designs

El Sol Quilting offers thousands of quilt designs, including allover patterns, and block and border designs. Digitized quilt designs for allover quilting mean we can find just the right design for your quilt from thousands of options and keep your costs as low as possible.

One-of-a-kind custom designs can be developed for your special quilt. These are just a few of our current pattern designers:

Ann Bright 

Pam Clarke 

Darlene Epp 

Debra Geissler

Kathie James

Nancy Johnston 

Karen McTavish 

Jodi Robinson 

Kathy Sandbach 

Nichole Webb


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  1. Betty Wilson says:

    I have an incomplete Flower Garden quilt top. I have all the pieces needed. Do you have people who can complete the top and then finish the quilt? I would appreciate any assistance or suggestions. Thank You

    • I would recommend you take your quilt top pieces to Nancy Landon’s shop on Oracle in Tucson, Cactus Quilt Shop. She may be able to recommend someone who can assemble the top for you. Tell Nancy I sent you. I would be happy to quilt the top for you when it is finished!

  2. Alice Lund says:

    I have a quilt that is almost finished. It is a sampler and it needs the binding and some hand quilting on 4 squares. I would like to make an appointment

  3. Janet says:

    Hello Mary- Your card was giving to me by the ladys at Quilter Market. Will you be available for an appt this week or weekend?

  4. Dawn Wyland says:

    I have a quilt I have owned for 18 years. The edges are becoming frayed all the way around and it needs a little (not much) love in a few areas. Is there a way to put a reinforcing border around the quilt to preserve its life?

    • You could re-bind the edges of the quilt. I would bind it again without removing the original binding. This is always the first area to wear on a quilt. Once it is bound again, store it by laying it flat on a guest bed in low light if possible. Keep it away from pets, and don’t allow people to sit on the quilt. If that is not possible, roll it around a swim noodle, top side out. Wrap it in a sheet and store it on a shelf in a dark closet. Good luck, Dawn.

  5. Donna says:

    I had already e-mailed you and then discovered your quilting website. If I were to finish a top in October of ’15, how far ahead would you suggest I meet with you to discuss it?

  6. Elaine White says:

    I have 3 quilt done and one almost finished. two are complicated and two very simple. I would like simple all over designs for the 2 simple quilts and your advice for the other two. Please let me know the time frame you are working with and how to deliver these quilts to you. I am in Tucson for the winter.

  7. Dyan Petropolis says:

    I have two quilts that need quilting. Your website made my choice easy for me. I hope you can help me. Thank you. Dyan

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