Tips for Hosting a Baby Bootie Making Party

Thanks for hosting a baby bootie making party!

  1.  First, gather a list of friends who knit, crochet, and/or sew.
  2. Decide on a time and place.  Think about how many tables, chairs and outlets for sewing machines you will need.  Your local yarn/fabric shop might be a great place to have your party.
  3. Invite your friends. Remind them to bring yarn or fabric in shades of black, white, and/or gray. Get RSVPs.
  4. Have copies of some free patterns on hand.  Click here for a list.  Some simple patterns can be completed in in an afternoon.
  5. Invite your local TV station or newpaper (click here to find out how), and your local elected officials (click here) to help get the word out.
  6. Will you have snacks?  Snacks are always a good idea!
  7. Make copies of this handout to talk about the issues and solutions to infant mortality.  This is a sad topic, but the good news is that we know what has to be done.  Then we can advocate for changes in policy that will save lives.
  8. Post a video of your party to–show off your progress!
  9. Distribute copies of the Checklist and Permissions Forms for each maker.  Have them complete the form and send it with their baby shoes to Mary Vaneecke, 2000 S. Hermosa, Tucson, AZ 85713 by Mother’s Day, May 12, 2019.  
  10. HAVE FUN!

And thank you for being a part of

Mary Vaneecke


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