Videos: How I Work

Complementary Samaras II, detail

Complementary Samaras II, detail

This is a detail shot of Complementary Samaras II, which I quilted in the above videos.  Notice how the quilting stitches send the hand-dyed fabric into the background and appear to lie beneath the printed shapes.  I love the layering possibilities this technique provides.  To see the whole piece, go to Complementary Samaras II.

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  1. Donalee Kennedy says:

    Wow… you are great with that machine!! I really enjoyed watching these videos and hope to meet you at the SAQA conference in 214 also.. as Charlotte above says.

  2. charlotte hickman says:

    So happy to have found your website and love your videos. Also enjoyed meeting and visiting with you at the SAQA conference.

  3. Eleanor Shaw says:

    I love your videos. I have always wondered how a quilting machine worked. although I have seen several machines, I have never watched them at work. I do a lot of embroidered quilts and I would love to have a quilting machine,but do not have room for one, so I have to sent my quilts out to be quilted. I plan on attending some or all of your shows. Thanks for the mail info,I never heard of your business before.

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