New Book by Karen Fisher Explores Grid Quilting

I just got a copy of Karen Fisher’s new AQS book, Easy Grid Quilts, and it is terrific!  Karen is a prolific local artist who does many different styles of quilts based on grids.  Her Matrix is one of my favorites, but she has been inspired by everything from the Mona Lisa to scientific principles in her grid patterns.  If you think you have ‘seen it all’ when it comes to grid quilts, check this book out.  A link  to her the gallery on her webage is here.

Karen uses commercial fabrics in her work.  Her book is generously loaded with tips and tricks for quilting, embellishing, and even making good color choices.  While the techniques for making these quilts are ‘simple,’ there is nothing simple about the results:  they are sophisticated, elegant and often complex.

Full disclosure:  Karen is a friend of mine and I quilted several quilts in the book.

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