NEW: Shibori Salon Workshop Series

Please join me for my new workshop series.  I will open a second session on Tuesday afternoons if the Thursday sessions fill.  The Supply List is below.

shibori salon

Shibori Salon Supply List

Shibori is the Japanese word for using pressure (created by folding, stitching, clamping, or binding) to create patterns with dye on fabric or paper.  This is a survey course in Shibori with Procion dyes.  I will provide dye solutions in a variety of colors at each session, along with dye recipes and info on the dye process.  In later sessions, I will also provide a thiox discharge bath.  You will make several small fabric samples for future reference or for use in your work.

Required supplies (bring to each session):

A selection of silk, cotton, linen, and/or lightweight rayon  fabrics up to ½ yard pieces to start (you can work larger on a couple of pieces later if you wish).  Boring or ugly commercial fabrics and batiks may be good candidates for the kind of work we will be doing.  Bleached muslin or PFD fabric is fine, but you can also take fabrics out of your stash.  New or used clothing (whole or cut up) will work, but keep the pieces small to start.  You don’t need to ‘scour’ your fabrics in advance, but you can if you wish (blasphemy, I know).

Clamps (small C clamps or hardware clamps)

A large handful of rubber bands of various sizes

Hand sewing needle with a fairly large eye (I will provide thread)

Clamps (small C clamps or hardware clamps; many different kinds will work.)

Bamboo chopsticks (several clean pairs)

A large handful of rubber bands in various sizes

A handful of coins or small balls in different sizes

2-3 pairs of knee-hi stockings or panty hose.  Patterned is fine if that is what you have.

Ziplock bags (at least 5 in the one-gallon size, and 5 in the smaller size)


Several small and medium plastic containers with or without lids

Dishwashing gloves or medical gloves

Blue Dawn dishwashing detergent (you will need this at home to washout your samples)

ball of cotton or hemp twine or string, any weight

Please plan to wear old clothes and/or a smock, sturdy shoes, and a hand towel to use a a drip rag. 

If you wish to track your processes (i.e., dye color, manipulation, etc.) for each sample you make, bring a Sharpie pen and notebook to mark your fabrics and write your notes, or sew Tyvek strips to your fabrics and note the changes on the Tyvek.

Optional supplies (please bring these if you have them available):

18’’ (approximate) length of PVC pipe (3-6’’ in diameter)

5′ of 1″ polyester rope

Matching pairs of square, rectangular, or round plastic or wooden shapes

If you want to try dyeing paper, bring sheets of Abaca paper (brand name:  Tissuetex, available online at and other online shops.  This paper will not disintegrate in the dye solution or washout.  You are welcome to bring other papers for experimenting.  Test first for durability!)

**Pair of heavy duty rubber gloves

**Pair of silk glove liners (available at outdoor/hiking stores)

**Respirator  (link is here:

**You MUST bring these items if you wish to dishcharge fabrics yourself.  Otherwise, I will handle your fabrics for discharging.

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