Abuela’s Garden – SOLD

Abuela’s Garden, 2015

The Barrio Viejo (old neighborhood) of my hometown is home to many Mexican immigrants.  Their distinctive gardens are often surrounded by an ocotillo fence, a living fence made of a cactus-like plant.  The gardens will contain flowers like marigolds and sunflowers, and foods that remind residents of home.  Neighbors share seeds and cuttings, and other fruits of their labor.  What a lovely metaphor for migration and transplantation.

Materials include hand-dyed and painted handmade textiles (makers unknown), felted wool ropes, new fabrics, silk sari ‘yarn,’ window screen, felt, and machine stitch.   In a private collection.ABUELA'S GARDEN copy

2 thoughts on “Abuela’s Garden – SOLD

  1. Dear Mary

    Visiting your portfolio I discover beautiful works of art.
    Abuela’s Garden is one of my favourites also because of the philosophy behind it and that remembers me the poet who wrote: “There is nothing old under the sun, everything happens for the first time”.
    Excuse me if I write mistakes: I’m not used to think and write in English.
    Greetings from Belgium

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