Haiku I

 Haiku I became a study of sorts for a larger work (Haiku II) and launches a new series.  Both feature hand-dyed sheer silk fabrics over-layed with synthetic sheers, and machine stitched.  This allows for a fascinating interplay between colors, values, and repeating shapes.  Haiku I is more intense, and reminds me of a Rorschach test, if you had double vision.  The namesake poetry, and the dyeing technique, shibori, are both Japanese.

Haiku I by Mary Vaneecke, 2016. 29.5'' x 22''
Haiku I by Mary Vaneecke, 2016. 29.5” x 22”

Of course, I had to write a haiku to celebrate this new series.

Haiku I

Two colors: red, black

Layered to affect the mood–

Simple yet complex.


2 thoughts on “Haiku I

  1. Dear Mary

    You remain a busy artist.
    It is a pleasure to visit your portfolio.
    Beautiful works of art.



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