Links to Free Baby Bootie Patterns

There is no official baby bootie pattern for the Project.  Purchase your own, do  an online search for baby shoe patterns, or check out some of the ones I have found below.  The new installation plan calls for 15,000 pairs of WHITE booties. If you are making only a pair or two, please make them white.  Embellishment/trims can be any color of your choice.

If you are making or helping to make a panel, be sure to make enough booties in each color to complete the pattern.  Many panels are made up of only one color.  

Click below:

For my favorite simple baby bootie sewing pattern by Heather BaileyMy sister Nanci shows you how to make 63 pairs of this pattern in under 6 hours.  Click here for the video link. 

For a super easy knit pattern by Gina Michele

For some adorable crochet patterns curated by

For a simple hand- or machine sewn felt baby moccasin

For another cute sewing pattern by

Want to sew a pair of Mary Janes? These are great for those whose panels are mostly black.

There are 70 miscellaneous patterns at this page alone.

Please remember that what matters most is that you care enough to make a little elegy.  Your booties do NOT have to be technically perfect or lavish, though you are welcome to make them as fancy as you like. logo for uploading to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.



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    1. The address is on the instructions and permissions forms. It is, 2000 South Hermosa, Tucson, AZ 85713. Please be sure to fill out the form and stitch each bootie to its mate. Thank you!

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