My love is in every stitch.

–Merle Eintracht, Maker

I want to thank these makers and stitchers, for there would not be a Mourning Project without you.  Twenty thousand baby booties is a Herculean task, and the fiber art community is coming together like never before.  Some of you consider yourselves crafters, others, artists.  Each of you has taken your time, skill, creativity, and stash, to put your love into every stitch of your contribution.  Together, we are building this project to mourn our loss, to show our country what infant mortality means, and ultimately to advocate for policies that will save lives.

The following is the list of The Mourning Project MAKERS in the approximate order in which I received the  contributions.  While contributing baby booties to this project is not meant to be a race or contest, I feel compelled to recognize extraordinary contributions to The Mourning Project. Whenever a maker has contributed 25 pairs of booties, I have placed an * after the contributor’s name.  An additional * appears after the maker name for each 25 pairs of baby booties contributed.  For anyone who has spread the word about the project and gathered more than 25 pairs of booties from friends and relatives, online, in print, or in person, or hosted a baby bootie making party, I designate that person a Cheerleader. For every guild that said yes to the SEND TEN Challenge, I have listed both individual makers and the name of the guild.  Click here for the list of Panelists.

You are the true heroes of this project because it simply would not  be possible without you.  Your faith in me and my vision for The Mourning Project is humbling and inspiring.  I see your love in every stitch.  Thank you.

For a list of Panelists and Stitchers (who created or stitched 100 or more pairs, click here)


Les made his first pair of booties at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.

Kathleen T. Connors (500 pairs)

Mary Vaneecke (500 pairs)

Nanci Elf- Cheerleader–and maker of 1200 pairs)

Carol Segal

Patty Jeys

Gerry Murano, Cheerleader************

Kaylee Elf, Cheerleader***


Patricia Hastings-Sargent, Cheerleader

Karen Lukacs, Cheerleader

Mary Kay Alleman

Gloria Kleinhanzl*


Janet Windsor*****, Cheerleader


Merle Eintracht in memory of Courtney Marie Campary**

Abigail Elf

Deborah Weir, Cheerleader

Peggie Thomas*

Kathie Popadin, Cheerleader


Mary Johns

Gloria M.

Saralee Schneck*


Lea McComas

Swan Amity Sheridan*

Catherine Kirsch

Jill Holbrook

Leslie Atkins

Janet Chumbley

Millie Burgheimer

Susan M. Call


Lisa Loftin

Debi Harney******, Cheerleader

Linda Bolles

Jennifer Miller


Jennifer Sredl

Connie Williamson

Linda L. Snyder

Jacque Davis, Cheerleader and maker of 1000 pairs

Tyanna Franke

Betty Combs

Jo Librizzi

Alice Wilder

Melinda Kuick

Ilene Sorenson

Doreen Rogers

Judith Segel

Lavetta Torke

Marcia Fleming

Judith Shangold

Diane Bull

Tamara Poff

Joyce Larson

Connie Williamson

Carolyn Campbell

Lisa Fryxell

Sandy Lambert *

Marlene Walker

Lynn Chinnis

Cheryl Osburn

Sue Redhead

Julie Beers

Donna Anilonis

Linda Browne

Louise Brinton

Amy Eilert

Ms. Frances Conwell

Paula Sween

Cathy Thorkelsson

Lisa Breithaupt

Mary Jean Gildea Kelehan**

Judy Edison

Sara Greer

Priscilla Stultz

Annie Gordon

Doris Fello

Artistic Weavers and Fiber Artists of Sun City, Arizona

Diane Baresich

Leanne Brown

Rachel Cutlip

Mary K. Burke

Randi Gray

K.O.M. Rivers Fiber Guild, West Virginia

Jeanne Marklin

Lisa Kemp

Ms. Sharman H. French


Angela R. Wilson

Heather Baker

Jeaneen Wilhelmi

Mitchell Anderson

Jane Gilbraith

Mali Gunatilaka

Laura M. Wittman

Marilyn Duke********** in memory of Trevor Thomas Duke

Elizabeth Herron

Janet Pugh

Janet Downing

Weavers West Guild

Linda Rauch

Nancy L. Arenas

Sherry Kistler

Bernadette Publ

Joanne Mauger

Donna Strain

Susan M. Call

Sue Norris

Tamara Scott Anderson

Darlene Saler

Mary Jane Simpson

Elaine Roberts

Pamela Golliet

Judith Dyess

Cathy Weiss

Melinda Collins Knick

Bobbie Wilson

Selena Woolf

Julie Hallquist

Lilian O’Hagan

Edwina Brown

 Nancy Morris

Wendy Anderson

Diane Wilkenson

Ann Faulkner

Amy Burba

Pauline Wood Brandon

Mary Godden

Paula Hammond

Ana Martinez

Karen Bachman****

Denise Sith*

Amanda Hill

Jeanne Marklin**

Jill Greenop

Connie German

Dawn Savage

Susan Thompson

Peggy McGaughey

Linda Ann Begega

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Bridgeville, DE

Rev. Deacon Dottie Vuono

Debbie Gottlieb

Antoinette Sabo

Mimi Currie

Melodie Usher

Linda Silver

Ana Borba

Tina Tank

Michelle Story Moehring

Pat Gaska

Joyce C. Dawson

Roberta McMullan

Chris Gaare

Susanne Miller Jones

Julia McDermott

Craftivist: Elizabeth Sovern

Jeanne Sisson

Yoli W.**


Mary Harney****

Sedona Zeller

Ericka Baker

Lou Ann Bieging

Susana Prieto

Tammy Batson*****

Fredericksburg Spinners and Weavers Guild and Friends**

Mary Ann Nailos

Sheila Lally

Beth Gordon

Tyanna Franke

Janet Bertschinger

Karen Sroczynski

Hannah Fulton

The River Church, Roxanne, DE**

Sea Needles Fiber Artists, Ocean View, DE

Barbara Kolakowski

Cynthia Wolf

Diana Anderson

Frances Nannos

Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod***

Cynthia Hagan*

Tasha Mausbach

Needlework and Textile Guild of Michigan

Carol Karres

Healing Embrace, Omaha NE*****

Witney Cassell and Friends*

Mary Harney*

Camp Fire Illinois Prairie Council, Shooting Stars Club****

Donna M. Gapp

Daughters of Utah Pioneers – Ocotillo Camp*

Joan Hahn

Marsha Nawrocki

Kristina Efimenko

Phyllis Miller

Dianne Timothy

Cynthia Carentz

Trudy Boas

Lejeune Decker

Michael Waggoner

Saddlebrook KnitWits and Friday Quilters***

Leslie Phillips

Stephanie Herrmann

Diane Kowalski

Gary Telisner

Michelle Elliott

Lynne Daubert (400 pairs!)

Nancy J. Wilson

Mary McLaughlin

Sandy Renninger

The Quilters and Knitters at Saddlebrooke***

Tina Tank**

Michelle Elliott**

Candace Binder

Jeanne Marklin *

Joyce Harrison

Barbara Polston, in memory of Henry Adams

Daisy Eickhoff

Michelle Elliott **

Giselle Lertique** in memory of Joshua Lieras, Riley Pisano, Baby Girl Hurtado-Garcia

Diane Kowalski**

Roberta Schmalz in memory of my grandson

Sharon King in memory of Michelle Ann King

Willow Rolfe***

Nancy J. Wilson

Amy Burba

Gary Terlisner

Joyce Bott

Jill Evenzizer***

Emily Rader and friends Jill, Susana, Nancy***

Nancy Ebner***

Susana Prieto***

Teresa Hathcock*

Maggie Weiss

Candace Binder

This list was last updated on 7/30/23.

If you have contributed your booties in multiple batches and I did not note your 25+ pairs, I apologize.  If I have made an error, please let me know and I will make corrections as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience, and for your booties<3!