Row 11 Panels and Panelists


Panel 11-A by Gitana Deneff in memory of Brett Rogers
Panel 11-B assembled by Karen Lukacs with many bootie makers.
Panel 11-C assembled by Meena with many bootie makers.
11-D stitched by Kate Clark
Panel 11-E by Lorraine Kwan and Lizbeth Kwan
Panel 11-F stitched by Joyce Bott, Janet Pugh, and Joyce Harrison
Panel 11-G by Janice Klocke
Panel 11-H by Claudia Nichol, Charlotte Fettig, Mary Duenas, Chris Meeks, Michelle Hill, Bibi Bellotto, Ann Pugh, Louise Davenport.
Panel 11-I by many makers
Panel 11-J by the Friendship Square Quilt Guild
Paanel 11-K by many makers
Panel 11-L assembled by Gerry Murano, booties by Sara Palacios.
Panel 11-M by many makers
Panel 11-N stitched by Nancy Arenas


Panel 11-O stitched by Kaylee and Jana Hahn, Anika and Sara Alzheimer in memory of Carson Paul Hahn

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