Row 13 Panels and Panelists

Panelists create at least one of the 225 panels required to complete the installation image, making or collecting 100 pairs of handmade baby booties in the process.  Panelists can be an individual or group.

Stitchers volunteer to stitch pre-cut, pre-embellished booties for a specific panel of 100 pairs of booties.

Makers make 1-99 pairs of handmade booties to contribute to a panel.  For a list of makers, click here.

Panel 13-A Sherrie Shoemaker
Panel 13-B stitched by Tori Ellis, Kiptin Flint, and Oliver Ellis (moved from 3-B)
Panel 13-C Stitched by Lynne Daubert and Janet Chiancone
Panel 13-D made by Hilda Soza in memory of Alicia.
Panel 13-E assembled by Josephine with many makers.
Panel 13-F by Sharman French, T. Storm, Catherine Cornell, Susan Harrison, Adrienne Damian, Sharon Mills
Panel 13-G stitched by Lisa Mashburn, Megh Amp, Jane Metzger, and Chloe Mashburn (age 10) in memory of Cooper Ellis Doyon-Canada and Charlie and Kevin Saunders
Panel 13-H stitched by Julie Barrera in memory of Romin Michael Barrera and Kairo Joseph Barrera
Panel 13-I stitched by Sharon Oliver in memory of Isabel Drenzek
13-J stitched by Sharon Oliver in memory of Isabel Drenzek
Panel 13-K by Gerry Murano, Lisa Fleming, and Flory Simon
Panel 13-L stitched by Sharon Oliver in memory of Isabel Drenzek
Panel 13M stitched by Maureen Hill and Julie Cary
Panel 13-N attached by Trisha Hackett and her father, Al Hoffer in memory of Tristan and Clare Hackett and Tammy Jo Hoffer
Panel 13-O stitched in memory of Andrew Michael Livingston

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