Row 5 Panels and Panelists

Panel 5-A stitched by Debi Harney
Panel 5-B by Anonymous
Panel 5-C by Sharon Treece
Panel 5-D by Mary Beth Oberlin with contributors Terry Darling, Jolene Grosch, Angie Henderson, LindaKochr, Katie Matula, Karin May, Miranda Oberlin, Laura Patterson, Barb Phelps, Jackie Russell, Jessica Schunke, Marge Thomas.
Panel 5-E by Diane Severns, Lisa Lewis, Bill Buell, Coral Law, Vicki Fey and her knitting group, Jennifer Jenkins, Kristin and Britt from Sew Hip in Tucson.
Panel 5-F stitched by Gerry Murano in memory of Jake
Panel 5-G by Marlissa White and Priya Boyd
Panel 5-H by Gerry Murano (the COVID Collection) in memory of Jake
Panel 5-I by the makers of Art Cloth Network
Panel 5-J by many makers
Panel 5-K by Mary Kitely
Panel 5-L Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church, Northville, MI Sewing and Craft Ministry, The ‘Stitching Busy Bodies:’ Andrea Murdock, Diane Gaydek, Cheryl Sullivan, JoAnne O’Rourke, Karen Motz, Debbie Kuo, Judy Yanachek, Marilyn Eischen, Marcie Colling, Beth Ajlouni
Panel 5-M by Carol Rose
Panel 5-N, assembled by Josephine with many bootie makers.
Panel 5-O by Sharon Oliver and Tina Drenzek in memory of Isabel Drenzek



One thought on “Row 5 Panels and Panelists

  1. Hi Carol Rose–I love your panel! All those ribbons remind me of the socks I made for Abigail and Kaylee when they were little.

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