Row 7 Panels and Panelists

Panelists create at least one of the 225 panels required to complete the installation image, making or collecting 100 pairs of handmade baby booties in the process.  Panelists can be an individual or group. 

Stitchers volunteer to stitch pre-cut, pre-embellished booties for a specific panel of 100 pairs of booties.

Makers make 1-99 pairs of handmade booties to contribute to a panel.  For a list of makers, click here.

Panel 7-A stitched by Sharon Oliver
Panel 7-B by Crafty Hearts of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church and members of the knit group of St. David’s Episcopal Church, Denton, TX:  Billie Bennett, Susan Westphal, Janie Cindrie, Georgia Leech, Betty Kay Seibt, Carol Hobson, Betsy Kensinger, Judy Johnston, Sara Fitzpatrick, Barbara Marlow
Panel 7-C booties by Mary Vaneecke, Assembled by Tamara Scott-Anderson shows the disparity between white infant mortality (pink ribbons) v. black infant mortality (red ribbons)
Panel 7-D by Sharon Oliver, in memory of Isabel Drenzek
Panel 7-E booties by many makers, assembled by Tamara Scott Anderson
Panel 7-F by Nanci Elf
Panel 7-G assembled by Anonymous and many bootie makers.
Panel 7-H by Hooks, Sticks and Needles and Dewey Knit and Crochet in memory of Angel Grace, Brooks Joshua, Trooper Isaac, Baby Hardy, Baby Jordan, and Baby Beard.
Panel 7-I assembled by Anonymous and many bootie makers.
Panel 7-J assembled by Hawa and many bootie makers
Panel 7-K assembled by Zahra Hashimi with many bootie makers.
Panel 7-L assembled by Anonymous with many bootie makers.
Panel 7-M by Susan DiRocco.
Panel 7-N assembled by Meena with many bootie makers.
Panel 7-O by Mary McAdara, Jeanne McAdara, Betty Khzouz, Carol Charlton, Ann Davis, Kathy Welander, Helen Bazuin, Margaret Marflitt, Audrey Fitzpatrick, Elaine Weinstein, Nancy Allen.

One thought on “Row 7 Panels and Panelists

  1. Hi Meena Panel 7-N I recognize the Mary Poppins booties I made in your panel–they are the tall skinny black ones with white fleece circles around the cuff. Don’t know why they reminded me of Mary Poppins, but they did!

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