Row 7 Panels and Panelists

Panel 7-A stitched by Sharon Oliver, TBD

Panel 7-B by Crafty Hearts of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church and members of the knit group of St. David’s Episcopal Church, Denton, TX:  Billie Bennett, Susan Westphal, Janie Cindrie, Georgia Leech, Betty Kay Seibt, Carol Hobson, Betsy Kensinger, Judy Johnston, Sara Fitzpatrick, Barbara Marlow
Panel 7-CL booties by Mary Vaneecke, Assembled by Tamara Scott-Anderson shows the disparity between white infant mortality (pink ribbons) v. black infant mortality (red ribbons)
Panel 7-D by Sharon Oliver, in memory of Isabel Drenzek
Panel 7-E booties by many makers, assembled by Tamara Scott Anderson
Panel 7-F by Nanci Elf
Panel 7-G assembled by Anonymous and many bootie makers.
Panel 7-H by Hooks, Sticks and Needles and Dewey Knit and Crochet in memory of Angel Grace, Brooks Joshua, Trooper Isaac, Baby Hardy, Baby Jordan, and Baby Beard.
Panel 7-I assembled by Anonymous and many bootie makers.
Panel 7-J assembled by Hawa and many bootie makers
Panel 7-K assembled by Zahra Hashimi with many bootie makers.
Panel 7-L assembled by Anonymous with many bootie makers.
Panel 7-M by Susan DiRocco.
Panel 7-N assembled by Meena with many bootie makers.
Panel 7-O by Mary McAdara, Jeanne McAdara, Betty Khzouz, Carol Charlton, Ann Davis, Kathy Welander, Helen Bazuin, Margaret Marflitt, Audrey Fitzpatrick, Elaine Weinstein, Nancy Allen.

One thought on “Row 7 Panels and Panelists

  1. Hi Meena Panel 7-N I recognize the Mary Poppins booties I made in your panel–they are the tall skinny black ones with white fleece circles around the cuff. Don’t know why they reminded me of Mary Poppins, but they did!

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