My love is in every stitch.

–Merle Eintracht, Maker

Most of all, I want to thank the makers, for there would not be a Mourning Project without you.  Twenty-three thousand baby booties is a Herculean task, and the fiber art community is coming together like never before.  Some of you consider yourselves crafters, others, artists.  Each of you has taken your time, skill, creativity, and stash, to put your love into every stitch of your contribution.  Together, we are building this project to mourn our loss, to show our country what infant mortality means, and ultimately to advocate for policies that will save lives.

The following is the list of The Mourning Project MAKERS in the approximate order in which I received the  contributions.  While contributing baby booties to this project is not meant to be a race or contest, I feel compelled to recognize extraordinary contributions to The Mourning Project. Whenever a maker has contributed 25 pairs of booties, I have placed an * after the contributor’s name.  In addition, a * appears after the maker name for each 25 pairs of baby booties contributed.  For anyone who has spread the word about the project and gathered more than 25 pairs of booties from friends and relatives, online, in print, or in person, or hosted a baby bootie making party, I designate that person a Cheerleader.

You are the true heroes of this project because it simply would not  be possible without you.  Your faith in me and my vision for The Mourning Project is humbling and inspiring.  I see your love in every stitch.  Thank you.

by Mary Vaneecke, in honor of Kaylee, who survived 6 weeks in the NICU



Kathleen T. Connors*****

Mary Vaneecke*****

Nanci Elf** Cheerleader

Carol Segal

Patty Jeys

Gerry Murano, Cheerleader*

Kaylee Elf, Cheerleader


Patricia Hastings-Sargent, Cheerleader

Karen Lukacs, Cheerleader

Mary Kay Alleman

Gloria Kleinhanzl*


Janet Windsor, Cheerleader


Merle Eintracht

Abigail Elf

Deborah Weir, Cheerleader

Peggie Thomas

Kathie Popadin, Cheerleader

Janet Windsor, Cheerleader


Mary Johns

Gloria M.

Saralee Schneck


Lea McComas

Swan Amity Sheridan

Catherine Kirsch

Jill Holbrook

Leslie Atkins

Janet Chumbley

Millie Burgheimer

Susan M. Call

Lisa Loftin




This list was last updated on 12/13/2018.

I know there are many, many booties destined for this Project that I have not yet received. I plan to update the list as booties come in.  If you have contributed your booties in multiple batches and I did not note your 25+ pairs, I apologize.  If I have misspelled your name, or otherwise made an error, I apologize.  Please let me know and I will make corrections as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.