Row 12 Panels and Panelists

Panel 12-A Yarn Geek Boutique: Chaman Bartus, Muna Elias, Stacie Gendreaux, Peggy Hagberg, Lynn Johnson, Cathy Lane, Karen Markley, Holly Suso, Maria Shepherd and quilters Betty Cabral and Maryjo Ryan

Panel 12 B Assembled by Alison Banks with booties by Leslie Phipps, Sandy DeVincentis and Carrie Meth (photo in process)

Panel 12-C by Manjari Das–TBD

Panel 12-E Available

Panel 12-F by Elaine Lindsay

Panel 12-G in process.

Panel 12-H by Ann Ainsworth

Panel 12-I by Shelly Crowe–TBD

Panel 12-J by Mary Vaneecke in memory of Jake Page

Panel 12-K-Available

Panel 12-Available

Panel 12-M-Available

Panel 12-N-Available

Panel 12-O by Teresa Hathcock- TBD




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