Row 12 Panels and Panelists

Panel 12-A Yarn Geek Boutique: Chaman Bartus, Muna Elias, Stacie Gendreaux, Peggy Hagberg, Lynn Johnson, Cathy Lane, Karen Markley, Holly Suso, Maria Shepherd and quilters Betty Cabral and Maryjo Ryan
Panel 12-B Assembled by Alison Banks with booties by Leslie Phipps, Sandy DeVincentis and Carrie Meth
Panel 12-C stitched by Joyce Harrison
Panel 12-D by Michelle Elliott
Panel 12-E stitched by Viviana Riner
Panel 12-F by Elaine Lindsay
Panel 12-G stitched by Jean Draper and Pam Kline in memory of Grace and Hope Draper (4/25/2012) and Jameson Draper (4/25/2018)
Panel 12-H by Ann Ainsworth
Panel 12-I Stitched by paternal grandmother Roberta Johnson Moorhouse in memory of Maxwell Andrew Donald Moorhouse
Panel 12-J by Mary Vaneecke in memory of Jake Page
Panel 12-K stitched by Kathi Huggard (moved from 2-A)
Panel 12-L stitched in memory of Mia Elizabeth Zaccone
Panel 12-M stitched by Linda Begega
Panel 12-N stitched by Eli Liles Rodriguez, Liam Edward Trout, Octavio Noggle, Wyld Elmer Butler, Graham Howe, Morgan Grieder, Preston Batson, Teddy, Logan Hostetter, and Carter Rae Fletcher in memory of Lena Mae Watson
Panel 12-O stitched by Carolyn Brown in memory of Debra.




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