Row 4 Panels

Panelists agree to create at least one of the 225 panels required to complete the installation image, making or collecting 100 pairs of handmade baby booties in the process.  Panelists can be an individual or group.


Panel 4-A stitched anonymously in memory of Theodore “Teddy” Dominick Kurenda
Panel 4-B Assembled by Hawa with booties by the Santa Maria Valley Quilt Guild, Santa Maria, CA
Panel 4-C by Jacque Davis
Panel 4-D Assembled by Nanci Elf with many bootie makers.
Panel 4-E assembled by Mary Vaneecke with many bootie makers.
Panel 4-F assembled by Mary Vaneecke with many bootie makers.
Panel 4-G stitched by Sharon Fickes
Panel 4-H by Katherine Ehlmann, Rhonda Schrum, Karol Keetmann, Marianne Sadenlund
Panel 4-I (moved from 1-D) stitched by Sharon Oliver in memory of Isabel Drenzek
Panel 4-J by many makers
Panel 4-K by Nanci Elf
Panel 4-L stitched by Dahna Young in memory of Faith Ku’uleianelaokalani
Panel 4-M by many makers
Panel 4-N Assembled by Siamooi with many bootie makers.
Panel 4-O by Mary Vaneecke
The Mourning Project, detail

2 thoughts on “Row 4 Panels

  1. The four year anniversary of losing my first baby is coming up and stumbling upon this project is so comforting. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed. It truly warms my heart ❤

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