How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Be a Panelist

  • These intrepid supporters and guilds/bees/other groups will make or collect 100 pairs of baby booties  to form one piece of the 225 piece puzzle that makes up the the image below.  Think that is too much?  Nanci Elf shows you how to make 60 pairs in under 6 hours.  Click here for the video.  To be a Panelist, email Mary Vaneecke at for your panel instructions.  You will make 100 pairs of booties to create a very specific piece of the overall image, just like we are trying to solve the ‘puzzle’ of infant mortality.  Don’t want to make a panel all on your own?  This is a wonderful group project.  Ask a friend or 2 or 10 to help.  Please email to find out what your panel pattern is. Your pattern will determine what color booties to make. 
  • For instructions on how to complete a panel, click here.  
Each one of the 23,000 pairs of booties is one pixel of the 38′ by 38′ overall design. Each square of the grid represents 100 pairs of booties. Request your panel pattern today by emailing

Make Baby Booties–SEND TEN

  • Get a group together and sew, crochet or knit ten pairs of baby booties each–we need a total of 14,000 pairs of white booties to complete the installation image. Treat each one as a tiny elegy for a too-brief life. READ THE DONATION FORM BEFORE YOU SEND YOUR BABY BOOTIES.  It has instructions on how to present the baby shoes.
  • JOIN THE STITCHING TEAM.  Live in the Tucson, Arizona area and want to stitch your blues away?  Contact for a contact free delivery of 100 pairs of cut and embellished booties ready for stitching.  You can stitch up a pair in only 90 seconds.  See video here.  Members of the stitching team will get special recognition on the website.
  • Make a pair of baby booties or a whole panel in memory or in honor of someone (see details on donation form/checklist)
  • Ask your friends to make booties and assign them colors according to the pattern.
  • Host a baby bootie making party. It is a great chance to talk about the issue, how it has affected you, and share some of the solutions to the problem.  (Click here for info on the problem and solutions)
  • Having a birthday? Ask your friends to make a pair in your honor for every year. Throw them a party to do so.


 HELP!  I need 12,000 more pairs of baby booties!  Please share this information far and wide, and do it often, everywhere you go, in person and online.

  • Print the flyer or the business card-sized handouts on this page and distribute them at your
    • sew/quilt/knit/crochet/felt/fiber group and guild,
    • favorite quilt, yarn or fiber or fabric store
    • church group
    • family and friends
    • your local quilt/fiber art show
    • SHARE this graphic online. Right click on it, save it to your computer and upload it to your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter pages.
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      • Twitter–use
      • Facebook-your page and your quilt/yarn/fabric shop and guild pages.
      • Pinterest
      • Instagram
      • Snapchat
      • Ravelry
      • on your own website or blog
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  • Blog about
  • Invite me to write a guest blog or join your podcast
  • Invite me to talk to your group.
  • Get your swag at Zazzle.
Booties by Kaylee

Other Donations

  • Are you tech-savvy? Could you assist with updating the WordPress website?  This can be done from anywhere in the world, and in your jammies!  Contact if you can help.
  • Do you know a location where we can exhibit Contact me at
  • Can you help with installing exhibition at a location near you? Contact me at
  • Make a financial donation to Mourning Project is now a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.  Contributions for the charitable purposes of The Mourning Project must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.  Cash donations are not deductible. To make an online donation, click here.   

    Can you help with storage for in Tucson, Arizona? Contact me at

  • Can you help with transporting to exhibition venues? Contact me at