I will exhibit panels of booties at all events I attend.  If your guild members are working on several panels, please exhibit them at a meeting or event and take photographs.  If you contact me with that information, I will put it on the website.  This page is for major installations of The Mourning Project.  Stay tuned for updates.


March of Dimes 2020 March for Babies

Wesley Bolin Plaza, in front of the Arizona State Capital

1700 West Washington Street, Phoenix

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Applications are pending for additional exhibitions.

To bring The Mourning Project to your venue, email mary@maryvaneeecke.com


2 thoughts on “Exhibitions

  1. I have two bags of booties (made from felt) which a friend and neighbor made and since she is out of town, I got them from her husband who returned to Tucson yesterday. I said I would get them to you, but wonder if you still want them. Let me know, at 520-444-0338. Thanks, Susan

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