Row 2 Panels and Panelists

Panelists create at least one of the 225 panels required to complete the installation image, making or collecting 100 pairs of handmade baby booties in the process.  Panelists can be an individual or group.  Email to get your panel instructions.

Stitchers volunteer to stitch pre-cut, pre-embellished booties for a specific panel of 100 pairs of booties. Email for details.

Makers contribute at least one pair of handmade booties to a panel.  For a list of makers, click here.


Panel 2-A stitched by Kathi Huggard (moved to 12-K)
Panel 15-D (moved from 2-C) by Gerry Murano and Lisa Flory
100 pairs of baby booties
Panel 2-D stitched by Jocelyn Colburn in memory of Riley Oliver Colburn (moved to 15-N)
100 pairs of white baby booties
Panel 2-F stitched by Willow Rolfe in memory of Edward Jones, Jr., Courtney and Whitney Jones, Mazzy Blue, Abigail F., Claire and Abi B. (moved to 15-G)
Panel 2-G stitched by Elizabeth Ahola and Kelly Ahola in memory of Jennifer Catherine Ahola
Panel 2-H stitched by Nanci Elf and Kaylee Elf
Panel 2-I stitched by Sharon Oliver
100 pairs of baby booties with pastel bows
Panel 2-J stitched by Sandra McFadden, Anne Kelly, Martha Guerra, Ann Callagher, Eleanor Marcel, Maureen Hill in memory of Baby McFadden
Panel 2-K stitched by Beth Nelson in memory of Lucas Owen Blankenship
Panel 2-L stitched by Stephanie and Lydia Thompson in memory of Dawson and Garrett
Panel 2-M stitched by Jonna Gayle Davenport and Virginia Williams Slayton in memory of two nieces who each died shortly after birth.
100 pairs of baby booties
Panel 2-N stitched by Robin Wright in memory of Chloe Scout
Panel 2-O stitched by Ruth Lynn Palmer/Stitched in Memories in memory of Rosco Mack Swisher