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Inspired by an image of water weeds and maple seeds (samaras) on water, this is an ongoing series exploring different compositions and colorways.

The Big Reveal….

The Radical Elements show is in Washington D.C. today at the National Academy of Sciences.  A link to information on the current venue is here.   Since the embargo on publishing photos of the works has been lifted, I can post a full view of the piece now.  Drum roll please….

Samarium 62:  No Relation, 36" x 24"
Samarium 62: No Relation, 36″ x 24″

Painted archival Tyvek embedded with silk fibers and medical gloves, layered with window screen with acrylic paint and medium screened into it.  The piece features cutouts and a 3D element, an S curve composition, and is quilted with magnets.  Embellished with electric guitar strings.

detail, 'Samarium 62:  No Relation'
detail, ‘Samarium 62: No Relation’

Samarium 62: No Relation

Samarium 62:  No Relation.  This piece is part of the Studio Art Quilt Associates’ Radical Elements invitational exhibition.  A photo of the entire work is embargoed until its debut exhibition in May 2014.  It is made from materials other than fabric and thread, and ‘quilted’ with magnets.  The piece overlaps two series:  Samaras and Circlesss.

detail, 'Samarium 62:  No Relation'
detail, ‘Samarium 62: No Relation’

What’s the Alternative?

whats the alternative
“What’s the Alternative?” 2013, 13” x 16”


This piece is a small ‘quilted’ collage made from window screen, kozu and lace papers with digital and hand-printed images, layered and stitched.  With cutouts and found objects.

Lucina Lighting the Way

Lucina Lighting the Way, 2013, 24'' x 24''
Lucina Lighting the Way, 2013, 24” x 24”

Quilt for Change  recently asked me to submit a piece for their Light, Hope, and Opportunity Challenge.  The project raises awareness about the Solar Sisters program, where African women entrepreneurs are given loans to start their own businesses.  They buy inexpensive rechargeable solar lights to sell in their communities.  This means fewer costly and dangerous kerosene lanterns in African villages.  What a great cause!  The exhibition will start in Geneva next month, and hopefully travel to the US.

I have been thinking about burning the edges of a piece for a while, and this seemed like an excellent opportunity.

Here is my artist statement for the piece:

Lucina Lighting the Way

Lucina was the Roman goddess of light and childbirth:  She who brings children into the light.  Here, the pregnant goddess holds a golden orb.  The lively color scheme and bright shapes evoke a hopeful spring.  This quilt is a tribute to modern-day Lucinas, our Solar Sisters, who are bringing safe, affordable, solar-powered light to their friends and neighbors.  The singed edges are a reminder of the dangers of kerosene lanterns, which maim and kill users across Africa each year.  Hand-dyed, and printed linen, painted silk, layered and machine stitched.  Techniques include cutwork with a burned-edge finish.


'Lucina Lighting the Way,' detail
‘Lucina Lighting the Way,’ detail


Free Radical III

You can see an earlier version of Free Radical here.  I inverted the composition to highlight the twice-dyed fabric.  The dyes are called ‘pineapple’ and ‘melon’ and I almost called this piece ‘Fruit Salad,” but I refrained.  I tried some new-for-me techniques:  raw cut edges and using stencils and acrylic textile paint to put the shapes on fabric.  I am especially intrigued by the cutwork and will continue to explore that.  The piece is layered and stitched in the border only.

Free Radical III, 29'' x 29''