Row 14 Panels and Panelists

Stitchers volunteer to stitch pre-cut, pre-embellished booties for a specific panel of 100 pairs of booties.


Panel 14-A stitched by Carol Melton
Panel 14-B stitched by Meghann Hurt in memory of Jacob Bradley Hurt (8/5-9/2008) and Scout Vivianne Hurt (6/8-10/2014)
Panel 14-C stitched by Linette Brungardt
Panel 14-D stitched by Gayla Irvin
Panel 14-D stitched by Gayla Irvin
Panel 14-E stitched by Brenda Tejada and The Blackjack Babes kickball team in memory of Isabelle and Lucas Tejada (the Tejada Twins)
Panel 14-F stitched by the Uhrig Family
Panel 14-G Alison Banks and Friends
Panel 14-H stitched by Sharon Oliver in memory of Isabel Drenzek
Panel 14-I stitched by Joyce Harrison
Panel 14-K stitched by Becky Clapper of Clapper Creations in memory of: Bodhi Paska, Jaxon Van, Rowan Jude Swink, Kaitlyn Michelle Mulherin, Baby Semanoff, Virginia Rose Semanoff, Bradley Scott Boyer, Carolyn and Rosalyn McCleaf (twins), My 11 angel babies, Remy Angelo Keltner, Channing Doug Puckett, Elsie Anne Bollinger, Christian Andrew Axtell, Sophie, Brock, Brett, and My 4 angel babies
Panel 14-L stitched by Jerri and Whitney Wenger in memory of Sophia Arden Ciriac-Wenger
Panel 14-M stitched by Abigail Rank in memory of Lena Mae
100 pairs of baby booties with brightly colored bows
Panel 14-N stitched by Amelia Maritza’s family & Stephanie, Sheryl, Clarissa, Abigail, Ciera, Samiera & Sharie Smith in memory of Amelia Maritza Araiza
Panel 14-O stitched by Linda Peterson in memory of Charlie Peter Seitz