Building a skyscraper in fabric…

I have been busy since the quilt bomb, and have several new works to post.  The first I call Channeling Gehry I and is inspired by architect Frank Gehry’s skyscraper at Beekman Plaza in NYC.  While it hangs on the wall, it is really more a 3D sculptural work (96′ x 12” x 4”.  It has 7 layers of surface design and is designed to be hung 8′ from the floor and flow onto the floor.  The trick was getting it to hang like I wanted it to, and I had to try several experiments.

I am calling it Channeling Gehry I because I am considering re-making it in silk to get a better luster from the fabric. Showing it out of town is going to be difficult as ‘some assembly is required.’  I apologize for the lighting on the photo….it is my own and I don’t have all the lighting I need for such a large piece.  Some detail shots are below.

I am considering making it even taller next time….what do you think?  More new works will follow later in the week.

Channeling Gehry I
Channeling Gehry I, detail 1


Channeling Gehry I, detail 2

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