Wexler Gallery’s ‘Narrative Thread’

Wexler Gallery in Philadelphia.

Just down the street from Snyderman-Works Gallery in Philadelphia is the Wexler Gallery.  They hosted a group exhibition called ‘Narrative Threads‘ during the 2012 Fiber Philadelphia.  Wexler represents several artists who work in the fiber medium, and it is well worth your time to stop by if you are interested in fiber arts.  The gallery spacious and the staff helpful.  These are some of the more memorable works from ‘Narrative Thread.’  This first one is called ‘Eyes [Red].’

Flore Gardner embellishes old photographs (found, or her own family's?) with hand embroidery.

In some of here smaller works, the artist obliterates whole figures from snapshots and calls them ‘ghosts.’  Click here for a link to Gardner’s work.

Gardner gives an old photograph a new hairdo.
These are by Diem Chau, whose work has been featured in national magazines.

Click here to see more of Chau’s work.

Erin Endicott's work is haunting and a bit creepy. She takes vintage clothing, stains it with walnut ink and hand-embroiders each piece.

See more of Endicott’s work here.

By Donna Rosenthal, this is 'He Said, She Said' and is made from romance novels...

Click here for a link to Rosenthal’s work.

There was another work in painted glass that kinda fascinated me….it was made of 6-10 painted glass panes, separated by a half-inch or so.  They were inserted in slots of what looked to be a shoe box.  The subject matter was a pair of yellow high-heeled shoes.  The 3-D effect was striking and made for a memorable piece.  Sure wish I had written down the artist’s name!


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