Quilting Tip #6: The Dreaded Thread Shred

Is your top thread shredding, as opposed to snapping cleanly at the end?  This can be caused by many things.  If you have broken a needle recently, your machine could be out of time.  In order to accomplish the magic of a perfect stitch, a whole lot of pieces-parts (needle, threads, hook, etc.) need to come together at exactly the right time in exactly the right place in relation to each other.  It’s mind-boggling, really.  Then a miracle happens:  a stitch.

Breaking a needle, especially with a longarm, can cause your machine to go ‘out of time.’  When this happens, your thread will shred all over the place.  This is not a happy occasion!

Some longarmers learn to re-time their machines themselves (see your manufacturer for instructions).  Show-offs!  I bite the bullet and call my local sewing machine repairman and pay for the house-call.  Thank goodness for Jerry at Cathey’s Vac and Sew.  He saves me time, frustration, and I don’t have to dismantle my machine to bring it in.  Worth every penny.

Do you have a favorite video that shows how a stitch is made?  Please let me know!  And stay tuned tomorrow for more reasons why thread can shred….

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