Quilting Tip #23: Playing by the Rules

When I first got my longarm machine, I spent a week at Longarm University and signed up for as many classes as possible.  It was a great experience, and I learned a LOT.  There were three classes on machine maintenance by three instructors, and I attended every class.  I learned such gems as:

  • Never use a brush to clean out your bobbin lint; always blow it out with your breath.  And:  
  • Never use your breath to clean out your bobbin case; use canned air.  And, of course,
  • Never use canned air, always use a brush.  

What’s a newbie to do?  Advice like this can be very disheartening for a beginner.  Just be aware that everyone has little ‘good luck charms’ that seemed to work for them in the past, and so they stick to them.  Take the advice with a grain of salt, and remember it is okay to try something else if that doesn’t work for you.

What conflicting ‘rules’ have you heard?

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