Quilting Tip #29: Judgement Day, cont’d.

I am one of those people who hate to follow the rules blindly.  Tell me to jump, and I will not ask how high?  I will tell you I am busy and life is just too short to deal with capricious requests.

Did you ever wonder how quilt show judges came up with all those picky, seemingly arbitrary rules for judging quilts?  As in, “If the binding looks good, is straight,  even, and securely stitched, why do we care if it is full of batting?” (roll eyes here for emphasis).

I asked this question of an AQS certified judge who gave me this answer:  We know from looking at antique quilts that those with full, evenly stuffed bindings wear best over the years.

And a light bulb went off in my brain:  There is method in their madness.  The judging criteria are not arbitrary at all.  They are designed to ensure that the most beautiful quilts last as long as possible.  Well, that is a goal we can all support, isn’t it?  So while I might not like all those rules, I can understand why those rules exist.  They are not arbitrary….  And because I want my work to last, I try to play by those pesky rules, whether my quilt will be judged or not.

detail, 'Homage'
detail, ‘Homage’


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