Radical Elements Opening

I got some photos of the opening of the Radical Elements show at the Cafritz Foundation Arts Center, Montgomery College Takoma Park, Silver Springs, Maryland, April 3-May 9, 2014.  I breathed a sigh of relief to see my piece hanging.  The space looks beautiful.  The signage is not great and I noticed that they did not install work as I instructed.  (In order to meet the shipping requirements, I could not have anything hanging off the edges.)  Oh well.  The piece should look like this:

Samarium 62:  No Relation, 36" x 24"
Samarium 62: No Relation, 36″ x 24″

Notice how the bottom left and top right edges have overhanging circles?  You won’t see those in the photo below.  Oh well.  Maybe the next venue will be better at the details.

radical elements opening
Do you think she’s taking a selfie with my piece in the background?




2 thoughts on “Radical Elements Opening

  1. Congratulations, Mary! Sorry that the piece was not hung correctly. It looks like a fantastic exhibition overall.

    I wish I could see your work (and the entire exhibit in person.

    1. Thanks Diana. I think the piece works without the additions, but it is much more ‘radical’ with them. More venues are in the works. Hopefully it will come to a gallery near you soon.

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