The Blob: A Studio Horror Story

The Blob:  A Studio Horror Story

So yesterday, I was stitching away like mad on my Bernina, back and forth, preparing a large piece of fabric for some shibori patterning.  All of the sudden, Bernie (that is what I call her) slows to a halt.  I can’t seem to rotate the flywheel at all to take a stitch.  I wonder what gives.  This is not like Bernie to stop working all of the sudden.

Then I realize that while I was stitching like mad, the spool of thread I had been using to wind bobbins must have caught the wheel.  All that thread was winding onto and jamming up the machine.  In both directions I might add, not in just one.  How much thread, you ask?  This much thread:

The Blob, 2014 edition.
The Blob, 2014 edition.

It was a tedious 2+hours trying to remove it all.  See the skinny scissors?  There is a hand felting needle right next to it.  Those were the only 2 instruments I could find to slip between the machine and the flywheel to get at the thread.  There is still a few strands left, but Bernie is moving freely again.


4 thoughts on “The Blob: A Studio Horror Story

  1. No wonder you hated it. A bad teacher sure can ruin a good thing…and a good one can make a bad subject more than tolerable.

  2. what a horror story indeed. reminds me of when I first took sewing in 8th grade I forgot to check the stitch regulator to set in on the right size stitch I had to sew flat feld seams (double seams for each seam the teacher told me what I did wrong and made me use a (PIN) to take out all the seams. it took me the entire sept to june semester to accomplish this and then she passed me on a D making sure that I would not continue taking sewing (no problem there) I hated sewing

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