“My love is in every stitch.”

‘My love is in every stitch.’

It was so touching to get this box of 20 little elegies.  Merle Eintracht made each one in memory of Courtney Marie Campary. Merle heard about TheMourningProject.com‘s goal to collect 20,000 baby booties from her neighbor.  Courtney was the beloved daughter of Kirsten and Phillip. Merle labelled each pair of baby booties, noting Courtney ‘was born sleeping on November 24, 2010. While her time with us wasn’t what we’d hoped for, her life is impacting us in profound ways.’

Merle continues: ‘At the time of Courtney’s birth, I had no idea of what I could do to lessen Kirsten’s pain. You project has allowed me to help in a meaningful way. I have sent photos to Kirsten every step of the way. The booties have both overjoyed her and made her cry all over again.

Kirsten will NEVER forget her little girl.

Your project will have many more people know that Courtney Marie Compary was the long awaited daughter of a couple who have endless love for each other and will forever have endless love for Courtney.’

I have no words for the generosity of spirit in Merle’s contribution to TheMourningProject.com. But that generosity extends to Kirsten as well.  She has gone on to help others who have lost their little ones. You can read the amazing story here.

It is stories like these that remind me how personal this project is for so many people, and how the lives of these lost little ones impact so many.  I am so grateful that the project touches so many hearts.  It is the first step to changing the world.

To get learn more or get involved, click on TheMourningProject.com tab above.

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