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Unravelling:  The Case for Reparations

Unravelling: The Case for Reparations

This piece was completed just in time for the call for submissions to the We Are the Story exhibition at the Textile Center in Minneapolis, MN.  I was thrilled that Unravelling is part of the Racism: In the Face of Hate, We Resist portion of the show.  The exhibit is curated by Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi and is getting a lot of buzz.

The quote is by William Faulkner, one of our greatest writers, and one of the first sons of the American South to feature relationships between black and white characters in his fiction. As flawed as Faulkner was on issues of race, his words very succinctly describe why we must work today to make amends for the systemic racism in our country today.    For an ‘antiracist reading list,’ click here. 

Materials:  flags, woven and whitewashed, fusible web, hand-painted non-woven, felt, cotton backing, thread.

Unravelling: The Case for Reparations, by Mary Vaneecke, 2020, 41” x 37”

UnRavelling is a sister quilt to (White) Silence is Violence), which is also in the show.  This piece was made in 2018 and is now in a private collection.

(White) Silence is Violence, by Mary Vaneecke 2018
Coin Toss

Coin Toss

This quilt is inspired by the wonderful fabrics (a shot cotton in burnt orange, and a navy New Aged Muslin by Marcus Brothers) and the traditional quilt pattern Chinese Coins.  A link to a 1940s Amish version is here.  I call it Coin Toss, and every time I think of the name, I want to ask, What’s the most you ever lost on a coin toss? 

The use of negative space and plain fabrics just begs for fabulous quilting, and I tried to keep the tension of the perilously stacked coins going with the navy-on-navy background quilting.

Coin Toss, 2014, 44'' x 27''
Coin Toss, 2014, 44” x 27”
Coin Toss, detail
Coin Toss, detail
Dining Destinations:  Chopsticks and Edamame

Dining Destinations: Chopsticks and Edamame

Dining Destinations:  Chopsticks and Edamame, 2014, 45'' x 35''
Dining Destinations: Chopsticks and Edamame, 2014, 45” x 35”
detail, Dining Destinations:  Chopsticks and Edamame
detail, Dining Destinations: Chopsticks and Edamame

This piece is another of my ‘Modern’ quilts.  It features commercial fabrics and improvisational piecing.  The digitized quilt design in the black areas is based on a traditional Japanese sachiko pattern called ‘steam.’  Edamame are steamed fresh soybeans.  I think there is a Pad Thai quilt in my future!

Chopsticks and Edamame will be part of the Studio Art Quilt Assciates’ Food for Thought exhibition.  The show will debut at the National Quilt Museum, Paducah, Kentucky, in April 2015 and will then travel to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England, in August, 2015.