Baby Bootie Progress Report

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This Progress Report was updated

May 14, 2019.

How are we doing? Here are the stats:

$1482 Collected so far towards the purchase of exhibition materials and signage (three banners have been purchased so far at $149 each up to four additional banners are planned), and shipping crates (which will cost an estimated 2-3 thousand dollars for entire 23,000 booties)

$2500 In-kind donations (estimated), including graphic design, website design, photography and videography)

$3982 total

 The YWCA of Southern Arizona hosted the first show in Tucson from April 2-5, as well as a panel discussion.  Read the entire blogpost with photos on the first exhibition here.

TheMourningProject now has a Ravelry group (click here and invite a friend to join) and a Facebook page (click here, like us and share the page).

Here is a link to an awesome video by my sister Nanci Elf on how to make 63 pairs of booties in under 6 hours.  Why 63? Because that is how many babies we lose in the U.S. every day.

And the baby bootie count is:

23000 Baby Booties
4844 Baby Booties

We still need 18,000 pairs of booties. Please SEND TEN.  If you belong to a knitting/sewing/crochet group, ask your friends to make ten.  If only 2,000 people of the 10,000 new website users make 10 pairs of booties each, the goal will be in reach.  To help spread the word, click here for info on the challenge.

We are still collecting baby booties.

STAY TUNED FOR THE UPDATED INSTALLATION PLAN.  Be sure to get on the mailing list for information on future exhibitions and baby bootie making parties.

For a list of the all the wonderful MAKERS and CHEERLEADERS, click here. Please be patient as I update this.  


Mitch Anderson at the installation.
My favorite view of the first installation, at dusk, by candlelight.
These 101 booties were made by over-achiever and fiber artist Jacque Davis.