For Local Shop Owners


Thank you for supporting!

Here are some tips for participating in the project.

  1. Make sure you have plenty of black-white-and/or-gray yarn or fabric on hand.  A fat eighth size piece of fabric is usually enough to make a simple pair of baby booties.
  2. Check out these links to free online patterns, or develop your own.
  3. Put this poster in your window along with a full size logo for the Project.
  4. Let your customers know about the project and that you are supporting it. Like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  5. Host a baby booting making party.  Invite the local media and your elected representatives.  Download and distribute this info sheet to help people understand the problem.
  6. Share information about the project at your next shop hop.

Some reminders:

  • I am collecting 23,000 pairs of handmade baby booties until we reach the goal.
  • The baby booties should be in any combination of black, white, and gray.  However, if a yarn or fabric is black with a red thread, and it ‘reads’ black, it will be a great addition to the project.
  • Please make sure each pair of baby booties is tied or stitched together.
  • Please have each of  your baby bootie makers complete a permissions form.
  • I will create an art installation with the donated baby booties that will travel across the country.
  • Subscribe to get updates on the project’s progress and exhibitions.





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