Haiku III

The silk remembers

The loom, the folds, the needle,

The thread, and the flame.

Shibori is a Japanese word for creating pattern on fabric.  In the shibori process, many items can be used–folds, clamps, string, needle and thread.  Haiku III  is a visual interpretation of the poetic literary art form.  Translucent silk fabrics were dyed using the itajime and machine-stitched Katano shibori.  They were layered and machine stitched with burned raw edges. While the four complexly dyed fabrics relate to one another, each is beautiful in its own right.  Photo by Jack Kulawik.

Haiku III, 2016 by Mary Vaneecke, 38'' x 46''

Haiku III, 2016 by Mary Vaneecke, 38” x 46”

Haiku III by Mary Vaneecke (detail)

Haiku III by Mary Vaneecke (detail)

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