Just like Christmas morning….

Dyeing fabric is a lengthy and ultimately serendipitous process.  It involves planning, folding, manipulating, measuring, pouring, dripping, batching, waiting, washing, rinsing, washing, mopping, and more washing.  Did I mention you have to do a lot of washing?  You have to take careful notes if you want to be able to reproduce the results some time in the future.  Finally, you toss the fabric into the dryer and eagerly await the final results.

That is my favorite part.  There is always a happy surprise or two. Here is a little bit of what I have created over the last few days….

Hand-dyed rayon in 'celery'

Hand-dyed 'turquoise' linen
Shibori hand-dyed rayon

Can’t wait to get these puppies into some artwork!

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