Quilting Tip #25: The Art of Quilting

And now let’s turn to the ART of quilting, that is, how to make our chosen quilting design look the way we want it to.  I was never trained as an artist.  One of the best things I ever did to improve my quilting skills was take a beginning drawing class at a local non-profit, The Drawing Studio.

There I learned that one key to drawing what I see is to LOOK at what I am seeing instead of assuming, “I know what a fill-in-the-blank looks like” so I will draw it like so.  The drawing class really helped me focus on the looking/analyzing before drawing/quilting.  If you have not taken a drawing class, now is the time!

What have you done to improve your quilting skills?

'Lucina Lighting the Way,' detail
‘Lucina Lighting the Way,’ detail

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