Quilting Tip #26: The Five Shapes

The art part of quilting came more easily to me when I read Sally Terry‘s book Pathways to Better Quilting and learned about the five shapes….

Did you know all line drawings are made up of lines in these five shapes:

  1. straight line,
  2. arc,
  3. S curve,
  4. spiral, and
  5. loop

in different combinations?  Look at a line drawing or quilting design you want to reproduce and analyze it by breaking it down into the shapes that apply.  Repeat the shape names to yourself as you quilt/draw the design.

Understanding this simple concept will give you the courage to try complex shapes without marking.  It was a major breakthrough for me.

What worked for you?

"Pathways to Better Quilting," by Sally Terry.
“Pathways to Better Quilting,” by Sally Terry.

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